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Do you want to be a translator, but don't know how to enter the market? Or are you already a translator, but find it difficult to establish a clientele? Then this Workshop is for you.


The Workshop


Consisting of five two-hour workshops and 40 minutes of individualized service so that the needs and particularities of each participant are addressed. The intention is to help beginner translators and interpreters to conquer their space in the market and to discover which field of translation is the most suitable for their professional self-fulfillment.


The workshops can be watched live or later, the videos will be available up to two months after recording. The five workshops will take place online, via Zoom, on Saturdays, 11/06; 11/13; 11/20; 11/27; 04/12, between 9:30 and 11:30. At the end of the 5th workshop, the participant must contact our team to schedule their individualized service. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the participant to contact our team up to two months after the last workshop to schedule the individual service, the participant who does not do so, shall not hold our team responsible for not scheduling and for not performing the individual service.


The cost of the workshop is R$ 150.00.




This Workshop was designed so that, at the end, the participant has a well-prepared CV, a small portfolio, an action plan for entering the market, a budget base model, knowledge about CAT Tools and other available tools that facilitate the work of the translator and the interpreter.


Homework assignments will be made available and must be delivered within two months of recording the workshop. They will be evaluated and discussed privately via email. The performance of the exercises by the participants is an essential condition for a satisfactory final result.


Workshop 1: Introduction: The different fields of translation – Where do I fit in?

Date: 11/06, 09:30 - 11:30


Workshop 2: Practical tips for putting together your CV + portfolio

Date: 11/13; 9:30 - 11:30.


Workshop 3:  Tools

Date: 11/20; 09:30 - 11:30


Workshop 4: Capabilities, skills and opportunities

Date: 11/27; 09:30 - 11:30


Workshop 5: Self-disclosure, budgeting and employment

Date: 12/04; 09:30 - 11:30


Workshop 6: Individual

Prior booking according to the availability of each participant.

Finalization of the CV and a small portfolio, in addition to the consolidation of the action plan for entry or ascension into the profession of translator and/or interpreter.


Who can participate?


The professions of interpreter and translator are not regulated in Brazil, so you just need to be proficient in the language pair you want to work with to be able to join this Workshop.


As we will not be correcting translations as our focus is on promoting knowledge and developing skills related to the market, people proficient in any language pair are welcome.


Important Note


Participants must have adequate linguistic knowledge of the language pair they wish to work with before registering. We are not responsible for the linguistic knowledge of the participants.




Payment must be made through our website, pix, bank deposit, bank transfer or Paypal. The total amount can be divided into 3x on the credit card. 




Participants will be entitled to a certificate of participation and a letter of recommendation with performance evaluation. To receive the letter it is imperative to deliver all the complete exercises.




Applications can be made through our website or by sending an email to




The workshops will be given by Jamila Jacob, translator and cultural researcher since 2014. Founder and managing partner of Glósses Tradução e Assessoria.


Before purchasing the product, read Customer Duties and Rights .


We are at your disposal to provide you with further information.

Translator and the Market

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