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! أهلاً وسهلاً


Glosses is a Brazilian translation and cultural consultancy company. Its goal is to help individuals and enterprises deal with the demands of an increasingly interconnected world.
The name Glosses is the transliteration of a Greek word meaning languages. Language is, broadly defining it,  a particular mixture of grammar, sounds and words, which make an intelligible communication system. The plural name was a clear choice as we work with different languages and social systems. We deal daily with a diverse set of languages.
A good translation not only transforms the signs that make up the words but maintains the values they express. Thus, performing a translation is to build bridges between the most diverse nations and regions. When combined with cultural consultancy, a good translation ensures that a message reaches its receiver with the appropriate codes,  maintaining the original meaning and tone.
We believe in working towards a less conflictive world by facilitating communication between different actors. Thus, we chose to add an olive branch to our logo as it represents peace.


Brazilian Translators



Headquartered in Brasília, the capital of Brazil, our translation agency uses technology to work remotely and have clients from around the globe.

We believe that a translator must identify with the translation subject because the best translations happen when the professional is personally engaged. In addition, we work with translation professionals who constantly study and improve their linguistic, cultural and technological knowledge to guarantee the quality and high standard of our services.

We translate documents to Brazilian Portuguese from English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Arabic. We also translate from Brazilian Portuguese to the following languages:  American English, British English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.
We provide technical and literary translations, proofreading, subtitling, transcription, localization and interpretation.​

Cultural Consultancy in BraziL















Cultural consultancy helps people and companies acquire cross-cultural competence, enabling them to participate in international dialogues and expand the boundaries of their influence.
Do you want to invest in Brazil? Or is it your wish to export your products? Do you need help understanding the mindset of your Brazilian clients, partners or coworkers? Do you want to get your message across in an internationally effective way? Don't you know what etiquette to follow while in our tropical country? Do you want to know the political and social risks of Brazil? Do you want to prepare your team to work in a multicultural environment or an international atmosphere? We can help you in these situations and many others.

Our cultural consultancy department offers training, event preparation support, short courses, conferences, and publishing assistance. You can also count on us for Brazilian Portuguese private tutoring if you wish to learn it or improve your skills. 
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